Monday, January 18, 2016

"Mom, what does rat poop look like?"

A typical day of studying for me:

Why can't I do this faster? Why haven't I managed to finish this paper yet? My biggest frustration this semester is that I'm convinced this shouldn't take so much time.

I type "It is a commonality that the injured human psyche will seek to repeat patterns of crisis from past relationships. The subconscious searches for resolution in current relationships to resolve past conflicts. This unfortunate-"

The door bursts open for the fifth time in ten minutes.
"Mom, what does rat poop look like?"
"'What does-?' Son, we do not have rats!"
"There's something brown on my floor!"
I go into his room to pick up a half-eaten M&M off his floor.
"This is why you're not supposed to eat in your room."
"Sorry, Mom. I'll leave you alone now to study. I swear!"
Uh huh.

I sit back down again to continue my analysis of the Wife of Bath from Canterbury Tales in the brief lull before my next interruption, but my train of thought is wrecked and my heart's not in it anymore. Focus!
"This unfortunate inclination of an injured psyche can be seen in contemporary times as people repeat cycles of abuse in relationships."

Timid knock. "Mom?"

Sigh. Is 4:30 in the afternoon too early for bedtime?

I have a French test to prepare for and my falling blood sugar reminds me that I haven't eaten today. The Wife of Bath has waited a few hundred years for my psychoanalysis, she can wait a few hours more. I close the computer to go fix  myself a late lunch before I parlé some français, stopping on the way to torture my son with tickles for the many interruptions.

Gaynell Buffinet Payne

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